Escalator And Travelator Cleaning

Escalator Cleaning at CS Redlink


Keep your escalators & travelators looking amazing all year round with CS Redlink Cleaning Solutions.  

CS Redlink is Australia’s exclusive cleaning service company that owns the world’s most technologically advanced escalator cleaning machine technology. It was invented by innovative German engineers, also designed and produced in Germany by the highest standards of German engineering technology. 

Conventional cleaning of escalators requires the entire unit to be dismantled and cleaned manually, a very expensive and time-consuming process. But we at CS Redlink cleans escalators with modern and highly efficient equipment which can clean an average-sized unit in a few hours. 

We at CS Redlink offer a 24/7 emergency escalator cleanup service, so we can clean your escalators when it suits your business. We are also experienced in all types of manufacturer’s machines including ThyssenKrupp, OTIS, Schinder, KONE, Mitsubishi, O&K, LG, and many more. 

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Escalator Step Cleaning in Sydney

Our service at CS Redlink can be utilized for,

  • We do One-off cleans
  • Also, do Quarterly, Monthly, Biannually, and annual cleaning as a part of our schedule.

Most of the escalators are usually in a polluted condition for years if neglected. It is very essential to arrange an escalator cleaner for this purpose. 

Our specialties in Escalator step cleaning include,

  • Safety
  • Cost-Effective
  • Appearance 

We do escalator step cleaning for the following places.

  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial estates
  • Railway stations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants 
  • Many more areas. 

Dust and debris can be build-up inside of an escalator if we ignore them. They can accumulate very quickly, posing a fire risk and risking malfunctions within the machine, and leaving you an expensive repair cost. We at CS Redlink understand the importance of cleaning escalators and hence clean the escalators and travelators in minimal time and cost to prevent the occurrence of damage. 

By establishing a regular maintenance cleaning program for Escalators and travelators, we can eliminate the chances of incidents and injuries of people traveling on them. We at CS Redlink, have the best escalator cleaners to save you from further damage. 

All our escalator cleaners are very efficient, trustworthy, and humble to perform the cleaning methodically. Our escalator step cleaning services are available in Smeaton Grange and its surroundings.

Escalator Step Cleaning in Sydney

Our Escalator Cleaning Procedure


Escalators and travelators should be cleaned regularly to keep them in working condition as well as to create a good impression for users of the commercial space. It is not the easiest task, but with the correct equipment and solutions, CS Redlink makes them more attractive and efficient. 

We may face many problems in cleaning escalators and travelators. 

  • All of them need specialized machines because they do not have a flat surface. 
  • Some commercial buildings have escalators of different widths which require special attention.
  • Dirt tends to collect in the grooves of the area making it hard to remove. 
  • Cost should be identified for escalator cleaning.
  • Choosing a time for cleaning and removing the escalator from use during the cleaning method.

Our escalator cleaners are more efficient and trustworthy than other company cleaners. We use special equipment and methodology to clean escalators. 

For efficient and quick escalator cleaning, call our cleaners at CS Redlink.

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